A Year In Review

I can’t believe that we are nearing the end of 2012! I also can’t believe all that has happened in the past year. Here are my highlights:
January begins with conversations of the EP. I talked with Chris Clayton and we both agreed we would enjoy working together. I got a quote on what it would take to have him produce my first EP.

In February we shot a video explaining the “The MC Project” (my wife’s came up with the name of the cd, I really liked it). Seth Thorpe did a great job on the video. I also got to share the stage at The Door with Cameron Ernst, D.O.R.A., Caleb and Jillian Edwards. It was a really great night of music and I was blessed to be a part of it.
March was our first venture out of state to share my music. The band and I hauled up to Oakwood Christian Church and led worship on a Sunday morning and then played a concert that night. The music that evening was well received and the whole weekend was a blast (though the round trip was done in about 30 hours!)
We started putting shape to the Kickstarter project in April selecting the different rewards and Seth started sharing edited versions of the video.

In May we launched the Kickstarter project. In 30 days we raised 5,600 dollars to fund “The MC Project”!

June was spent emailing various songs to Chris Clayton. I knew we’d set out to complete a 5 song project, I sent him 14-15 songs I had written and he gave me feedback on his favorite 5. Our lists compared well. Nicole suggested that Chris and I try a cowrite for the project. That went well and we dropped one of the songs and added our co-written song (we didn’t finish the words till the day of pre-production!) June also marked the beginning of my vocal sessions with Christine Dente. I wanted someone with lots of studio experience to give me feed back on my vocals and Christine did an awesome job!

Tracking began in July. We started with preproduction on a Friday and tracked drums and bass that next Monday. We tracked most of the guitar parts in August and by the end of September the keyboard and programing had been completed and it was time for vocals.

In October we tracked all of the vocals and Chris mixed the CD. By the end of the month we had it off to mastering and then to duplication in November. Now we’re in December and my updated website is about to post this week!

So I had no idea how busy of a year it would be or how much work it would take to accomplish the goals I had set, mainly, put out the EP. In addition to everything that has gone on with my music Nicole and I moved, received our license to foster/adopt and got our first placement, a two year old girl who is awesome.

Thanks for taking time to read the year in review and thanks for your support. I’m looking forward to all that’s in store in 2013!


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